Topic 3: Growth and Development

Coordonned by the Dr.  Siméon KOFFI

The connection between « economic growth » and « development » gives rise to various interpretations. Growth, from which no political or economic leader would like to dissociate development, encompasses consubstantial ambiguity. When growth is rapid, we delude ourselves that it can solve problems and that the more rapid it is, the better it will be for society. When it is slow, the gap becomes apparent and it turns out to be more painful since no alternative is provided.

However, the point of view of the dominant economic therory puts forward the idea of sustainable growth as a necessary and sufficient condition for achieving development. This premise is based on an assertion which is far from having unanmous support, that is to say : « economic growth is supposed to be compatible with maintaining natural balance and the resolution of social problems, that is, it could reduce poverty, inequalities, strengthen social cohesion and thus put countries on the path of development ».

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